I am an Assistant professor at ESCP Business School.

My research seeks to understand how social evaluations determine the relationships between firms and societies through employees’ judgments. More particularly, I study how employees’ legitimacy judgments influence firms implementing a corporate purpose and CSR/sustainability practices. In a first project, I investigate how the form of moral reasoning used in legitimacy judgments affects CSR practices’ centrality (i.e., how much a practice alters core activities). In a second project, I examine how legitimacy judgments on a purpose-driven firm mediate the impact of prosocial motivation on collaborative behaviors. In a third project, I explore how the articulation of a corporate purpose may trigger legitimacy dissonance and how legitimacy dissonance may decrease the attractiveness for prospective applicants.

My research relies on experiments, panel data, and conceptual approaches. I integrate both practical lines of questioning from my experience as an HR Director (Linkedin) and my theoretical backgrounds in philosophy (MA in Philosophy – University Paris X), mathematics (Master in mathematics – University Paris VI), law (LLM in Labor Law – University Paris II), and management (Ph.D. & Master in Management – HEC Paris).

Research areas: Strategic Human Capital, Legitimacy judgments, Institutional Theory, Purpose, Corporate Social Responsibility, Morality, Prosocial motivation, Emotions